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How to train to compete at the Olympic event as a swimmer

From a layman’s view, it looks like swimmers at the Olympics
are super humans with a lot of talent and dexterity that only some special
people have. But the truth about it is that what makes them seem invisible and
super is actually determined by the agility they had put in training themselves
prior the major event. The key is the
constant practice which makes them perform godly at the main event. For an
Olympic swimmer, you must have the ability to swim a pool of 50 meters in about
23 to 25 second. Prior attaining that, it takes a lot of hard work. Here are
some tips on how to prepare you for an Olympic event as a swimmer.

For beginners, make
the pool your abode.

One thing advised to be done by professionals is setting up
a training schedule. You should work out in the pool at least twice to three
times in a day then repeat the routine on a daily basis six times in a week. It
is advised that you begin your work out as early as possible in the morning so
you would have time to recover from the workout for training later in the day. My high school volunteer trainer is also a plumber in West Palm Beach. He helped establish my current work ethic.

Incessant workouts

This is the foundation of all sports. No matter the sport,
working out is very important. For swimmers, the department to be concentrated
on is then sprinting ability in the water. Some workouts for this are hooking
oneself to a power rack, a device that hinders one from swimming swiftly. This
will help in adding resistance as one is on motion in water. You should also do
kick sets which are a workout for the legs and pull sets for the arms. Workouts
for breath control are also vital. The hypoxic workout helps the swimmer in
withholding and retaining their breath to sprint faster.

Training off the pool;
also known as land training or dry land training.

Just like working out
on water, training off water is very imperative for swimmers. There are various
workouts to be done like weight lifting, running, jumping, pilates, jogging,
yoga etc. Mostly every workout you do on land makes you fit and add to many
aspect of their swimming.

As a swimmer, the weight lifting you should do is to make
you a stronger person for more energy while swimming and not to make you too
muscular. If you have too much muscle mass you will be heavy on water which
would not help. Swimmers should stay as light as possible.

You should also indulge in exercise which will help you
stabilize and balance. These stabilization workouts will assist you in
developing energetic and durable shoulders. This really helps because as a swimmer
you have to keep your hands over your head incessantly for motion. Apart from
that, also do heavy squats and lunges, workouts for arms and shoulders to
assist your upper body and other varieties of workouts.

Eat a lot of healthy
food and nutrition

Foods are energy giving substances and for some like a
swimmer who works out a lot, eating healthy is very vital. If you are swimming,
lifting weights, working out, running, doing yoga, on a daily basis you will
need energy to do that. Swimmers are advised to consume from three thousand to
five thousand calories daily for females and up to eight thousand for a male.
As a swimmer, you should strike a balance in the intake of carbohydrates for
energy and protein for the development and growth of the muscles. Eat foods
like eggs, omelets, vegetables, cereals etc for better nutrition prior


Working out and relaxation are two opposite things. As a
swimmer you have to strike a balance between the two. You rest as much as you train.
When the competition is a month away, it is advisable to change your training
routine so you can be full energized to compete. You should reduce all you
training excluding the pool works out which are lucid and less demanding.

Working out outside the pool should be stopped ones the
competition is near. Most professionals do other activities like using the
hover board, skate board, elevators, cooking, massages, and icebaths, more to
stay healthier and recover from workouts.

(recovering and stretching)

Training of flexibility is a very vital aspect of a
swimmer’s exercise and workouts. For you to move faster your arms need to be as
flexible as possible so every stroke will be done as swift as possible. Swimmer
should receive massages on a regular basis, indulge in yoga sessions, take ice
baths as mentioned earlier which will decreases soreness a common problem for
Olympic swimmers. All in all flexibility is a secret weapon in swimming


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How to improve health and fitness with swimming

There are many activities we can always indulge in to ensure we live a healthy life. Some of these activities are considered recreational while others are taken for completion. Having that in mind, you need to know that swimming is among these activities that most people enjoy and they would take a vacation just to go swimming. For this reason, you can never miss having a swimming pool constructed in the homes of most people who value recreation. However, there are more you can obtain when you swim and the doctors always recommend it for most people. Now in this article, you will get to know how beneficial swimming is to our general health fitness.

Help in weight loss

You have been told severally that the best way to reduce excess weight is to take weight suppressant supplements or engage in active exercises such as running. But the truth that you need to know today is that swimming is the best way in which you can burn more calories without getting yourself exhausted. It’s true that not all people can run, but everyone can swim if they are trained how to do it. Or this reason, a person who swims for about 10 mints will be able to burn 60 calories. Those who do backstroke burns 80 calories. This may vary as one who swims using freestyle will burn 100 calories. This will be the best work out to help you burn more calories to ensure no more fat accumulates in your body. If this is done continuously, you shall have achieved the shape you expected to.

Helps women during the pregnancy period.

There is a need for pregnant women who are in their early stage to perform some exercise. This will help improve her life and that of the child to be born. Most research has shown how important swimming can be during such period. The impacts that were discovered from the pregnant women who had swimming as their exercises had a lower risk of having congenital defects and preterm labor. Hypoxia-ischemia which is a neurological problem experienced by most babies can be avoided when the mother swim during pregnancy. It also improves the brain development of an offspring.

Improves our sleep

Swimming has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to make our sleep better. It’s true that most adult who has a problem with sleeping may find it very difficult especially when the night falls. Studying the effect of swimming on people with insomnia showed positive results as the subjects under study were able to have a safe and sound sleep free from any night disturbance. It also has become a good choice for people having a problem with other aerobic exercises.

A better solution to curb inflammation.

With the buildup of atherosclerosis in the heart, it may be very difficult for you to find a natural cure. But thanks to aerobic activities such as swimming which reduces the inflammation on most of our body parts. This implies that with the inflammation reduced in the body, no more skin problems will find their way into your body.

Lowers blood triglyceride levels.

There is a high possibility that anyone who has a high level of Triglyceride will be at high risk of contracting heart disease which may lead to an early death. Thus if you may wish to lower this level, then swimming will do you good. A research conducted on an elderly woman indicated that after she had swum for 60 minutes on a daily basis for 3 weeks, there was an improvement on her blood lipid profiles. The other noticeable findings was a drop in the level of her blood triglycerides.

Help those who wish to have Full body workout

It’s only in swimming where you will need to use all your body. This will allow you to make a perfect breaststroke swim, hammer butterfly swim, backstroke, and freestyle or sidestroke swim. This ensures that you have a perfect body work out. By swimming in the water, you will be making your body to work hard. To maintain the breathing and movement in the water. Anyone who does the exercise in water for about 30 minutes can be compared with one who does it on land for about 45 minutes

Helps control the effects of asthma.

One problem with asthma patients is their inability to have breathing. This can be very dangerous as we need air to help our body run most of its activities. Lack of this may result in death. But if someone suggests to you that you need to swim on a daily basis, then the pool should be the only thing you have in your mind. When you go swimming, you will be submerged in water which means you will struggle to hold your breath so that you don’t swallow water. The advantage of this is that you will be expanding your lung capacity which allows more air to pass through. This can better the lives of asthma patients.

  1. Improves our energy level. The main reason why most people lack energy is that they spend most of their time being inactive. This means that there will be no need for the body to work to produce more energy. But this case can always change with swimming. Since swimming involves all our body muscles, there will be a need for extra energy to get supplied to these muscles. Thus the heart will increase the pumping rate and force the body to burn more calories to provide energy for the body.
  2. Improves our flexibility and healing process

When swimming, you will be required to stretch, reach, twist and find your way through the water. You will need your ankles to act as fins and use them to stretch and overcome the water pressure so that you can move forward. Doing this repeatedly means you will be more flexible and the healing process of fractured bones or injured muscles will be very fast

With the very many advantages of swimming listed above, there is no doubt that you will have improved health if you take it as your favorite aerobic exercises. The benefit if swimming is that that it can also be a form of a sport so many people will find it interesting.